Centar za devojke proslavio je ove godine 16. aprila 22. rođendan. Nažalost, okolnosti vezane za širenje virusa COVID-19 onemogućile su organizaciju tradicionalnog slavlja. Međutim, mlade aktivistkinje Centra za devojke našle su način da ovaj dan prigodno obeleže!




Sara: For me, the Center for Girls means activism, solidarity, creativity and personal growth through mutual struggle!

Anđelija: The Center for Girls educated me, empowered me and offered me a lot of wonderful female friends from all around the world.

Jana: The Center for Girls empowered me and offered me space to be what I really am.

Ivana: This is a balloon for you. I want to say that the Center is the place where I met wonderful girls and women. I experienced wonderful things, and I learned useful stuff that helped me later in life. Thank you for the way you are. Once again, happy birthday and kisses for all!

Mila: The Center is my home, and the girls from the Center are my family.


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